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    So You Want to be Staff?
    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post carefully. To make sure your application stands out and isn't overlooked, please read the following information very carefully and be sure to comply with all the given guidelines.

    Please Note
    In order to apply for staff, you must have your minecraft account synced with your forums account. In order to do this, execute /link on our server and follow the provided instructions. If you do not have permissions to post a thread in this area of the forums, it's because you have yet to link your profile. Requiring players to link their forums profile with their minecraft accounts ensures that all our applicants are dedicated, active players that have a meaningful presence on our server.

    Application Format


    Discord Username:

    Your In-game Rank:

    Do you have previous staffing experience on a Minecraft Server (If so explain what server, your experiences, responsibilities, reason for leaving, etc):

    What Time Zone do you live in:

    How much time can you dedicate to AnvilGames weekly:

    Why do you think you are a good candidate to be considered for staff:

    Any additional information you'd like to tell us:

    Final Notes
    We take any and all applications seriously. Creating fake or joke-like applications will only waste both your time, and mine. Also, applications are solely based on quality, not quantity. If you can say all you need to say in just a few short sentence responses for each question, then you're completely entitled to do so. If you need to write more to articulate yourself, you're fully invited to do that as well. Applicants that are under consideration are subject to both forum activity and in-game monitoring. Thank you once again for complying and taking the time out of your day to apply for a staff position!