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    So You Found a "glitch in the system"...
    Thanks for taking the time to complete this form! Bug reports are immensely helpful and provide us with the information we need to keep up to date on any issues you players are facing with our server! It's the type of players that create these reports that help us create the flawless and enjoyable server we strive to provide.

    Bug Report Format

    When was the first time you witnessed or experienced this bug:

    Explain step by step how we would reproduce the bug:

    Describe the Bug and supply any addition information:

    Please link or insert any videos or screenshots of the bug if possible:

    Final Notes
    Your bug report will be responded to within 24 hours. A staff member may inquire about additional information regarding the bug you've found, and we appreciate your cooperation and patience. Eliminating these bugs allows us to create a more enjoyable playing experience for each and every one of our truly awesome players.